My Sermons


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4 responses to “My Sermons”

  1. Joseph Mangahas

    Ako po ay isang kabataan who want to dig in to reformed theology. May alam ka po na mga nagtitinda ng reformed books sa pinas? I do not own a computer too. Matagal ko na pinapangarap mabasa ang calvin’s institutes.

    1. Hi Joseph. Try PCBS or Evangelical Outreach at Sgt. Catolos St., Q.C.

  2. Hi Atty. Cortez

    I am an ilongo christian working on the translation ministry.
    I am interested in knowing you and your works. Please tell me your doctrinal affiliation or church in Bacolod City.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    Willie Sancho

    1. Hi Willie,

      I’m a Deacon of Bacolod Christian Community Baptist Church. We used to be affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines. At present we’re independent.

      God bless,


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