My Vocation

My vocation has become clearer as the years go by: to study the unchanging God without something else to do, some pragmatic reason or result. This is what I feel most called to do: SIMPLY ENJOY THE STUDY OF GOD – not write about it, not view it in relation to its political residue or […]


I’m so afraid of one day reaching the end of my life only to realize, upon looking back, that I’ve lived an ordinary life and have failed to live up to my full potential. This fear is wrong. There’s nothing wrong in being ordinary, there’s nothing wrong in not being successful. What is important is […]

I am the Door

An Ikthus East Sermon, April 2016 TEXT: John 10:7-10 INTRODUCTION: There’s a saying that goes this way: “Jesus is the Answer. What is the question?” The point of this saying is not that Jesus is the answer to all kinds of questions, but that Jesus is the answer to the deepest questions in life. That […]