My Sermons


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4 responses to “My Sermons”

  1. Ako po ay isang kabataan who want to dig in to reformed theology. May alam ka po na mga nagtitinda ng reformed books sa pinas? I do not own a computer too. Matagal ko na pinapangarap mabasa ang calvin’s institutes.

    1. Hi Joseph. Try PCBS or Evangelical Outreach at Sgt. Catolos St., Q.C.

  2. Hi Atty. Cortez

    I am an ilongo christian working on the translation ministry.
    I am interested in knowing you and your works. Please tell me your doctrinal affiliation or church in Bacolod City.

    Thank you and God Bless!

    Willie Sancho

    1. Hi Willie,

      I’m a Deacon of Bacolod Christian Community Baptist Church. We used to be affiliated with the Baptist Missionary Association of the Philippines. At present we’re independent.

      God bless,


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