“To him who has more shall be given.” I was in Iloilo yesterday on a book-buying spree. Here are some of my finds which are a cause for rejoicing:

  • Martin Luther’s Three Treatises
  • Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters ( Donald K. McKim)
  • The Constitutional Philosophy of Philippine Jurisprudence (subtitled The Writings of Senior Associate Justice [now Chief Justice] Reynato S. Puno) by Jose Midas P. Marquez
  • A Philosophy of Law by Fr. Rahnilio Callangan Aquino (Fr. Aquino was one of my professors at the University of San Carlos, Cebu City where I enrolled for a time in an LLM course)

Here’s a good quote from Luther’s Three Treatises:

It is not many books that make men learned, nor even reading. But it is a good book frequently read, no matter how small it is, that makes a man learned in the Scriptures and godly.

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