Share the Truth or Lose It

And therefore, Lord, your judgments are terrible, because your truth is not my property nor the property of this man or that man; it belongs to all of us whom you publicly call into communion with it, warning us in most terrible terms that we must not hold it as private to ourselves lest we […]

Overcoming Fear

Christians overcome their fears by looking not only at the written Word, the Bible, but also at the incarnate Word, Jesus Christ. Through his sovereign and creative power, God is able to give us his saving Word, human and divine, written and writhing on the cross. – Timothy Keller, The Songs of Jesus (April 30)

Grace Cannot Die

Alive the grace of God in me Though Sin may rage ferociously. Grace shall not falter, shall not fail, And in the end it will prevail! Though bruised and battered Grace may be Underneath Sin’s wild melee: Let bloody kicks and punches fly, ‘Tis all in vain – Grace cannot die. Thus, bleeding, fallen in […]

Liberating Grace

(Easter Sunday Message, 16 April 2017, given to the congregation of Ikthus East, Bacolod City) Text: Romans 6:1-14 Introduction: The Christian’s greatest sorrow is the fact that he still has to struggle against the remnants of sin in his life. But Christ has not left him helpless in this regard. By virtue of his resurrection […]