Prayer in Weakness

I feel weak today, O Lord;
I feel drained of energy.

Am I dying?
Of course! We all are.

Help me not to worry, Lord,
Though I’ve sinned so much.

Your mercy is greater than my misery.
But still, why do I feel so weak?

Not sleepy but weak:
As if the strength has been drained from my limbs.

My hair is uncut, but I’m no Nazirite.
Samson’s vows are inapplicable.

Revive my soul, O God.
Heal me, make me well!

This is my therapy
Whenever I feel anxious:

To pray with my pen,
To write down my tears.

The life in me is flickering.
O raise me up and make me live!

Copyright Dennis M. Cortes 2021

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