Thoughts on the Church

The church, the body of Christ, is the penultimate goal of God’s creating of the world; the glory of God, of course, is the ultimate goal. To understand the meaning of our lives both in this world and the next, we must learn to see our lives in relation to the church both in her universal and local aspects. This does not mean neglecting, abandoning or otherwise devaluing the so-called secular sphere in favor of the ecclesiastical. It means whatever we do should be motivated by love for the brethren and love for the world, which implies love for the gospel. For it is in the living out the substance and implications of the gospel and in sharing these, by word and deed, that the brethren are edified and the world evangelized. In other words, through the gospel the church is formed as a body in which and through which God is glorified. To live life with the church in view as one’s penultimate end is not so much a matter of immersing ourselves in the church as it is a matter of applying the gospel to all aspects of our lives.

Photo by Daniel Tseng on Unsplash

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