Variety in One Thing

I found a very interesting productivity idea in – of all places! – a book on Puritan theology. Find all your satisfaction in “variety in one thing.” (See Hugh Binning’s The Christian’s Primary Obligation, Sermon No. 3.)

I’m something of a scattered-brain type of person. I practice and teach law; I preach sermons and write devotionals; I compose solo piano pieces; I write songs and sing these myself while I accompany myself on a guitar or on the piano; I keep a journal and write poetry; I read all kinds of books and listen to all kinds of music; I play chess and table tennis competitively; I blog, blawg, vlog, and podcast occasionally. Trying to choose which to prioritize only paralyzes me, so I just do a little of everything.

But then here comes the idea: variety in one thing. I can combine a number of talents in one thing.

So, for example, instead of writing poems and composing solo piano pieces, I can combine these in singing-songwriting. That way I get to compose piano melodies, write poetry, sing them myself, and then record and post these on my youtube channel.

Also, I can integrate my love for theology, philosophy, apologetics, literature, history, writing, speaking, and arguing into the one task of preaching. I remember somewhere that that’s what the great preacher D. M. Lloyd Jones preferred to do: instead of teaching theology in a classroom setting, he incorporated it into his preaching. Also, he didn’t set out to write books, but he did convert his preached sermons into books. Two birds with one stone!

So instead of going at different tasks separately, combine and consolidate them. Variety in one thing!

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