The Fate of the Wicked

Read 2 Chronicles 22:10-12; 23:1-21.

“All the people of the land rejoiced, and the city was calm, because Athaliah had been slain with the sword.” (2 Chronicles 23:21 NIV)

When Ahaziah died, his mother Athaliah made her move to consolidate power in herself. She had all the royal heirs killed – all except one: her grandson, Joash. She would have killed him too, undoubtedly, had not Joash’s aunt, Jehosheba (Ahaziah’s sister), hid him from her for six years.

In the seventh year there was a coup: Joash was made king and Athaliah was killed. Such was the fate of this wicked woman. Whether in terms of wicked counsel or murderous acts, she was indeed wicked. When she died the Bible says the city not only rejoiced, it also became calm and quiet, i.e., it finally had peace. What a terrible legacy! Instead of people mourning over her death as a great loss, they were quite happy to be rid of her.

A number of Scripture passages come to mind upon reading about Athaliah’s death: “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.” “Be not deceived, God is not mocked, for whatever a person sows, that he shall also reap.” “When the righteous prosper, the city rejoices; when the wicked perish, there are shouts of joy.” (Proverbs 11:10)

Lord, I realize from your Word not only how destructive wickedness is, but also how loathsome and reprehensible it is. May you eliminate all traces of it from my heart and mind. Cleanse me by your blood and make me holy. Amen.

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