The Christian’s Employment

“On the other hand, what should be the exercise and employment of a Christian? It is even this, whatever he be, or whatever his occupation be among men, he drives a higher trade with heaven, that should take him up. The world gets but his spare hours. He is upon a more noble and high project. He aspires after a kingdom. His heart is above where Christ is, and where his treasure is. And these things exhaust his affections and pains.”

(Hugh Binning’s The Christian’s Primary Obligation)

Interesting thought. Not the kind you hear from this world’s self-help gurus or productivity experts. Not a recipe for worldly success.

But come to think of it, using Paul as an example, although he was a tent-maker there is no evidence he was the best in the world at that (although one may safely assume he did a decent job). But he was certainly the greatest apostle of them all.

And that’s because his heart wasn’t intent on tents (pun intended). Sure, he made tents – but only for the sake of the gospel. The gospel was what his heart was really intent on. And that’s what exhausted his affections and pains.

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