I Realise This is a Blawg?

I’m not in the habit of checking the stats on my blog, but I do so once in a while. And what I’ve found is that I get visitors everyday(!) – but almost 99% of them visit for the sake of my posts on legal topics.

I’ve posted a lot of my poems and written on topics related to Christian living. They get some views, some likes, and that’s it. But what’s interesting is my most popular posts (on legal topics) are not what gets me subscribers. It’s my poems and sermons that do that. I find this both interesting and confusing.

At any rate, I intend to resume blogging once a month on legal topics. I assume most of those who’ve subscribed to this blog won’t care for that, but I hope you understand that this kind of posts are what gets my blog the most views and visitors (but not subscribers). That puts me in a sort of dilemma, but I still intend to post the manuscript and audio of my sermons at least once a month. And some poems occasionally.

Frankly, my original target audience are my country men who’re interested in theology and Philippine labor law. My sermons are of course primarily for the members of the church where I preach (Ikthus East, Bacolod City). As far as I can tell, none of them subscribed to this blog!

Be that as it may, I plan to blog more regularly – at least once a week. A sermon once a month. A legal article once a month. A poem once a month. And whatever else comes along worth blogging about. This after all is Philippine THEO LAW GEE!

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