Work and Spirituality (2)

In the previous post we had a Trappist monk’s perspective on work and spirituality. Now here is a 17th century puritan’s take on the subject, but with a slight twist, as his concern is more on remaining in one’s calling:

Devote yourself to performing your duty in the place and calling God has given you. The very power of godliness lies in such consecration.

(William Gurnall, The Christian in Complete Armour, vol 1.)

This is actually one of my favorite quotes, as it reminds me of the importance of remaining in my calling and not to think that activities such as preaching, etc. are more spiritual than lawyering. Gurnall goes on to say:

We are to tend with all diligence everything that comes within the scope of our particular calling; beyond this, we are tilling someone else’s field … You cannot expect to honor God by leaving the work He assigns you and doing something of your own choosing instead, no matter how worthwile it may seem.

This is a timely reminder for Christians engaged in “secular” jobs not to disparage their calling.

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