Seeking Justice: The Way of Lawyers

We should all seek justice in what we do… [The Talmud states,] ‘Every judge who renders a fair decision is like a partner of the Holy One in the act of creation’ (Talmud, Shabbat 119b). The Talmud also promises that ‘a judge who decides a case in accordance with true equity causes the Shekhinah, God’s presence, to dwell in the midst of Israel.’

… By seeking justice, you share in the divine power. You can bring God into the world. Failing to bring justice into the world also has cosmic implications, for lawlessness drives God’s presence into exile.

Lawyers of judges can find God in their careers by discerning how God would want us to behave in this world

Lawyers or judges should know that their actions reflect upon God. If God cares about justice, then the way we administer justice implicates God.

(Jeffrey K. Salkin, Being God’s Partner)

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