A Father’s Influence

Matthew Henry, the great Bible Commentator, was who he was largely because of the influence of his father, Philip Henry:

Matthew Henry, having such a well educated father as his private tutor, lacked nothing that a more formal theological education might have brought him. Every day his father preached to the household at family prayers, and everyday young Matthew translated for his father a passage from the Scriptures in the original languages. In addition his father guided him through the Latin classics, and Henry’s mastery of this literature is evident throughout his literary legacy…

From earliest childhood Matthew Henry was brought up to live by the Word of God. Reading Henry’s biography of his father, The Life of the Reverend Philip Henry, A.M. it becomes clear that the ministry of the son was but a public manifestation of the piety of the father.

(Source: Historical Handbook of Major Biblical Interpreters, edited by Donald K. McKim, Inter-Varsity Press 1998, pp. 195, 196)

Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible has been a great blessing to pastors the world over, and all because a godly father brought up his child in the way he should go.

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