Francis Beckwith

Francis Beckwith, president of the Evangelical Theological Society, has returned to the Roman Catholic Church. The move is certainly a courageous and sincere one, although it has caused great sadness to many evangelical protestants. It is interesting that Beckwith’s study of the Early Church Fathers played an important role in his return to Rome. Click here to read Beckwith’s reasons for his return. You might also want to read Carl Trueman’s analysis of the matter from an evangelical protestant perspective.


One response to “Francis Beckwith”

  1. I just listened to a discussion between Koukl and Beckwith on his reasoning behind the choice to go back to Roman Catholicism. Let me tell you, I was not impressed with the reasons coming from Dr. Beckwith. For a guy who can be so dead on in regards to ethics, philosophy, fallacies of thinking, and the like… man, he was doing nothing but emoting on Koukl’s “Stand to Reason Weekly Podcast” (really, his radio show). If you have an I-Pod and I-Tunes, the podcasts of Koukl’s radio show are free. It is entitled: “Dr. Frank Beckwith: His Return to Roman Catholicism.”

    I also wrote a bit on it and even engendered a response by Dr. Beckwith:

    I like you site… I will link it later tomorrow in my “blogroll”

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