In the Light of Grace

“How do I know whether I shall die easily or with difficulty? I only know that my dying, too is part of my life . . . And then – this is the destination, the limit and the goal for all of us – I shall no longer ‘be,’ but I shall  be made manifest before the judgment seat of Christ, in and with my whole ‘being,’ with all the real good and the real evil that I have thought, said and done, with all the bitterness that I have suffered and all the beauty that I have enjoyed. There I shall only be able to stand as the failure that I doubtless was in all things, but . . . by virtue of his promise, as a peccator justus. And as that I shall be able to stand. Then . . . in the light of grace, all that is now dark will become very clear.”

– Karl Barth, quoted in Stanley Hauerwas’ With the Grain of the Universe (Brazos Press, 2002) p. 204

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