True Calling

A pastor friend of mine who’s about to review for the bar exams (yes, he’s a pastor and a law student at the same time) has requested me to fill in for him while he prepares for the bar, i.e., I get to preach every Sunday morning and evening for at least two months in his church until he comes back. I’ve already said yes, but doubts still linger in my mind as to whether I should be doing this. I do teach a theology class at present and preach once in a while (as well as blog on theology!), but my main task is law practice because that’s what I am and I assume that’s what I’m called to be: a lawyer. The question I ask myself is: Is preaching every Sunday morning and evening a veering away from my calling as a lawyer? The problem is compounded by this quote from Calvin which I read this morning:

“Every individual’s sphere of life, therefore, is a post assigned him by the Lord that he may not wander about in uncertainty all the days of his life…

“Sometimes he may perhaps succeed in doing something that appears to be praiseworthy. But however good it may look in the eyes of man, before the throne of God it will not be acceptable. And besides, there will be no consistency in the various parts of his life.”

Come to think of it, the issue is more or less moot and academic because I’ve already said yes. Or is it? Maybe I can still back out? Whew! this is really difficult. On the one hand, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to serve the Lord in a greater way. On the other hand, I don’t want to wander away from my true calling and do something which the Lord has not really called me to do. I pray the Lord will make things clearer to me…

2 responses to “True Calling”

  1. Thanks Sonnie. It’s for now temporary. But we’ve started talking about the church issuing a call for service on a more permanent basis. Anyway, I’ll cross the bridge when I get there. “Lead kindly light. I do not ask to see the distant scene. One step enough for me”

  2. Hi,

    One does not need to be a Pastor to be able to preach. Like Stephen in the book of Acts, he is one of the Deacon. I suppose the whole thing is only temporary. Unless you are also called in the full time ministry.

    That was indeed a great privilege, I wish I could share with your joy.

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