Double Capacity

[The Christian religion] teaches the righteous, whom it exalts even to participation in the divine, that in this exalted state they still carry within them the source of all corruption, which makes them throughout their lives subject to misery, death, and sin; and it proclaims to the most ungodly that they may still partake of the grace of their Redeemer. Thus making those whom it justifies tremble, and consoling those whom it condemns, it so justly tempers fear with hope, through this double capacity for grace and sin which is common to us all, that it humbles us infinitely more than reason can by itself, yet does not drive us to despair, and raises us infinitely higher than our natural pride, yet without puffing us up.

— Blaise Pascal, The Pensees (Penguin Books, 1961) pp. 152-53

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