Teach Us To Number Our Days

My uncle died a couple of days ago at the age of 71. My sister-in-law died yesterday at the age of 31. Whether it’s 71 or 31 it all amounts to the same thing: life is short. The fact of their death seems like a dream. They were very much alive just some time ago. But it’s not a dream. Their journey is over. The fact is life is short. And this very hard and stubborn fact of our brief mortality makes me reflect once again on how important it is to number our days. Psalm 90 says the average human life span is around 70 years. That means I only have a few decades left, – even less, if God calls me home earlier. But in the time that remains for me how should I spend my life? The death of people you know makes you ask questions like this because you know sooner or later your time will come. Life is short. Suddenly you become more strategic and purposeful about the remaining years of your life. The death of others reminds you that you haven’t much time left. And knowing you haven’t much time left is a step towards gaining a heart of wisdom – the wisdom of seeing that life is all the more precious because of its brevity, and that therefore we ought not to waste it but to live it in such a way that the Giver of Life is glorified thereby.

One response to “Teach Us To Number Our Days”

  1. Life indeed is short. I always tell my son that life is like a candle. From the moment we were born, our life candle is lit and it continues to glow until it is finally melted and exhausted. There is no more stopping to this melting, everyday and every moment, the melting does not stop. If this is how our life is, it should be offered to God and to His will. Let us give back to Him what He has given us – the previlege of living.

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