The Best Labor

This morning I was reading the puritan Thomas Manton’s “Commentary on Jude” and I was just so impressed by how good the Puritans are at expounding Scripture – so deep and at the same time so simple, and so practical and heart-warming. It’s so different from reading Karl Barth. Barth reminds me of my law books (especially those on taxation and insurance); oftentimes reading him  feels like “eating sawdust without butter.” Anyway, I found this quote by the puritan John Owen over at The Shepherd’s Scrapbook, which reminds me how profitable expounding Scripture is – not only to one’s self but to others.

“… the best, most useful, and profitable labor in the Lord’s vineyard, which any holy and learned man can engage himself in, is to endeavor the contribution of farther light in the opening and exposition of Scripture, or any part thereof.”

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