New Books, etc.

Here’s a list of books I recently bought:

1. I already mentioned in a previous post Tremper Longman III’s “Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind”;

2. Jerry Bridges’ “The Gospel for Real Life”

3. Bruce Demarest’s “Satisfy Your Soul”

4. Nick Joaquin’s “Culture and History” (This used to sell at around P 500.00; now it’s down to P 250.00 – so I bought it. 🙂 ) Sorry, but couldn’t find a link for it.
5. Doris Kearns Goodwin’s “Team of Rivals” (Lincoln’s one American President I really like – two others are Thomas Jefferson and Woodrow Wilson; I also have biographies of Winston Churchill which I plan to read someday, i.e., in my old age 🙂 – anyway, this book won the Lincoln Prize and, though expensive, deserves to be bought! )

6. Ben Witherington III’s “What Have They Done With Jesus?” – Da Vinci code, gospel of Judas, gospel of Mary Magdalene, gospel of Thomas and what have you! Now finally I have in my hands something that can help me show others that in spite of all these strange theories and bad history circulating all around we can trust the Bible.

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