Shopping Spree!

Christ In A Postmodern WorldWhat do you when you go into Philippine Christian Book Store and find that new books have arrived? You reach out your hand, pull out the books, go to the cashier, reach into your wallet, close your eyes and pray that your wife won't get mad when you get home! But here are the new books:

1. David Wells' Above All Earthly Pow'rs (about Postmodernism, something I'm very interested in. Now all that remains is God in the Wasteland and my collection is complete)
2. B.K. Kuiper's The Church in History (for my Church History class which I will be teaching in June)

3. Piper's God is the Gospel (John Piper is such a blessing!)

4. Iain Murray's D. Martyn Lloyd Jones: The First Forty Years (The search is over! I already have volume 2, The Fight of Faith. Now finally I have volume 1)

5. Peterson's Subversive Spirituality (Eugene Peterson of The Message fame)

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