It’s Over?

Haven’t seen the news on tv but the headlines on my feed reader kept pouring in, informing me that Proclamation No. 1017 has just been lifted. PTL! Now we can resume living normal lives until the next explosive issue comes along. BTW, what happens now to the cases filed in the SC questioning  the proclamation? Mooted, obviously. But cannot the SC still hear the cases in line with the “symbolic” or “teaching” function of judicial review (Salonga vs. Cruz-Pano, 134 SCRA 438 at 463)? I think even if it could it would be the height of imprudence for the SC to do so. As the saying goes, “Let bygones be bygones!” But seriously now I don’t think this issue will go away that easily. I’m expecting a torrent of post-mortem analysis. So fasten your seatbelts; this is a nation that loves to talk about everything under the sun and the tongue-wagging has just begun!

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